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HP Hammock

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Who doesn't love a hammock? Our hammocks are made with top-quality parachute nylon, are triple stitched, and can hold up to 500 lb. With climbing quality carabiners and tree-safe straps included free of charge, the HackedPack Hammock comes with everything you need to get hammocking in no time.

Hammocking is better with friends, so more hammocks = more fun. For a limited time, when you buy a hammock you can add additional hammock sets for just $20 each!

Hammock add-on

Hammocking is better with friends.
Add extra hammocks to your order for just $30 each



The HackedPack Hammock is a high quality hammock made from parachute material. With over 54 square feet of room, and a capacity of 500 lb, the hammock is big enough for two people to comfortably lie in. Each Hammock set comes with:

  • The HackedPack Hammock
  • 2 Woven nylon tree straps
  • 2 Heavy-duty aluminum alloy carabiners to attach hammock to straps

The hammock is over 9 feet long and 5.5 feet wide. With triple-stitched seams, it can hold up to 500 lb and includes two industrial strength carabiners (a $35 value!).

The included tree straps are over 9 feet of densely woven nylon with loops at several spots along one end. Long enough for the widest tree or narrowest monkey bar, the straps are stored in a dedicated compartment (a $25 value!).