HackedPack is a high-quality hiking backpack with a built-in ultralight hammock.

It's portable, high quality and perfect for travel. Now you'll never find yourself without a place to relax, whether you're deep in the forest, lounging on the beach or just on your lunch break. You've got your own personal chill-out spot anywhere you can hang a hammock.

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20L Hiking Pack

20 liter hiking-style pack with separate, dedicated compartments for hammock and straps.

Durable Hammock

9.8' x 5.5' (3m x 1.7m) triple-stitched hammock made out of parachute material. Includes two industrial strength carabiners.

Nylon Straps

3 meters (9.8ft) of super dense nylon straps to hang your hammock anywhere.

"Greatest thing ever invented. I've used the hammock everywhere and everyone I show it off to loves it. Could not recommend it more!"

- Amazon Review

Hang it Anywhere

HackedPack is big enough to fit all your gear, so take it on a hike and you'll never have to sit on the ground again.

Sets Up in Seconds

Just have short lunch break or some time between classes? No problem. You can quickly set up and take down HackedPack without ever removing anything from the bag.

Relax With Friends

More HackedPacks = More Fun. Set them up with your friends and chill out anywhere.

About HackedPack

HackedPack was created by Nick Scroggs, an American teacher, student and inventor living in Nanjing, China. Together with Fred Bane, another American living in Nanjing, Nick founded HackedPack in April 2013.

Now you'll never find yourself without a hammock and you'll never have to worry about where to hang your pack while you relax and enjoy a personal chill-out spot anywhere you can hang a hammock.

About Nick

Nick Scroggs, an army brat who was born in Alabama and has lived in Germany and across the U.S. South, is an inventor, student and teacher who has called Nanjing, China his home since 2008. After earning a degree in Chinese history from the University of Texas, Nick came to Nanjing to improve his Chinese, and eventually won a scholarship to study the teaching of Chinese as a second language. He expects to earn his MA in 2015.

About Fred

Fred Bane is a media producer and translator living in Nanjing China. Since graduating with a BA in International Relations from American University in 2007, Fred has lived in Vietnam and then China, where he received a Masters in Ethnography from Nanjing University in 2012. For his MA thesis, Fred spent two months hiking in China's southwestern Yunnan Province, where he traveled through 12 different ethnic areas.

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